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Rooftop Units

Packaged rooftop units manufactured by Lennox and installed by Roberts Heating and Air Conditioning provide complete comfort in a single, easy-to-maintain system. Designed for fast, easy installation and service, Lennox rooftop units are reliable systems that will provide comfort in commercial buildings for years to come. Energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR® qualified units – including the Lennox Strategos™ RTU (SG), the industry’s most efficient rooftop unit – help control energy costs for low total cost of ownership.


From innovative, energy-efficient Strategos™ rooftop units to the durable Landmark™ value line with a choice of efficiencies, Lennox’ Gas/Electric models from Roberts heating and Air provide reliable comfort and a wide range of options and accessories.


Roberts Heating and Air installs Lennox Electric/Electric units to meet your widest range of needs, from the Strategos™ unit’s energy-efficient design for low total cost of ownership to the Landmark™ units’ low initial price for competitive bidding.

Heat Pumps

The commercial experts at Roberts Heating and Air offer a variety of Lennox rooftop units with heat pumps, including Landmark™ systems that provide long-lasting, rugged durability.

Due to Lennox’ ongoing commitment to quality, all specifications, ratings, and dimensions are subject to change.